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Algebra II

Ms. Selmanie

Room 230


Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 school year at the HPHS Law & Government Academy!


Find documents, reminders, and resources here for Algebra II, but don't forget that I am also a resource. Feel free to contact me using any of the methods listed on the syllabus. I look forward to our year together!


Join the Mathletes in room 230 on Thursdays @2:45!



Study for your midterms! After the snow day, here is the revised schedule:

Amherst - Wednesday, January 14

Boston and Dartmouth - Thursday, January 15

Lowell - Friday, January 16

Worcester - Tuesday, January 20



Math Resources

Check out online math games for grade-level practice, all the way through grade 12!


Algebra-class.com has specific topics from pre-algebra all the way through Algebra I to prepare you for Algebra II. It also offers homework help and covers many of the same topics we will cover in Algebra II.


On Algebasics, you can play games and watch videos to practice the Algebra II topics we will learn about.


For a comprehensive site full of lessons, practice, and tests on multiple highschool- and college-level math courses, check out Purplemath.


Of course, there is always Khan Academy for every topic under the sun. Be sure to sign up as part of our class (use code ZUP7HD) so I can see your progress and give you a shout out for being awesome! We will also use this periodically as part of your homework.


Other Academic Resources

Click HERE to register, research, and practice for the SAT!


Community Resources


 #HartfordHasIt - and THIS is my favorite site to find out where, when, and what!


 Check out all of the awesome farmer's markets in our city!


Find a nice place to relax, reflect, and maybe get some work done!




Peace love math